nwabzThe BSN’s AGM, which took place at the Law Society, also saw the following board members confirmed: Michael Webster as Company Secretary and Stephen Friday as Treasurer, with outgoing Chair, Cordella Bart- Stewart staying on the board as Vice-Chair. The remainder of the board is made up of, Yvonne Brown (ex officio); Daniel Bazueye, Paulette Mastin (Chair of the BSN City Group) and Lynton Orrett.

Mrs Nwokolo said, "I am humbled and proud to be elected as Chair of Black Solicitors Network by my peers whom I have represented on the Council of the Law Society for the last five years. It is an honour to represent an organisation that has for the last fifteen years, promoted and represented the interest of all black solicitors and lawyers, across England and Wales at each stage of their legal careers. The legal profession faces great changes come October 2011 when ABS’s will come into being. The Black Solicitors Network will continue to work to ensure that black solicitors not only retain their hard won share of the legal market but also continue to tap into their well established entrepreneurial ability by being innovative and flexible in the new dispensation. To this end, I will be inviting our membership to be proactive and join our committees and the committees of the Law Society where policy is made for the profession. I would want to see more regional groups planted and administered by local solicitors. Black Solicitors Network will continue the dialogue with our representative body, regulator, insurers and lending institutions to ensure fair and equal treatment of all black solicitors. I am appalled by the proposals put forward by the present government on legal aid and support wholeheartedly all actions undertaken by the Law Society to preserve access to justice."

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